Another Stop Along the Bourbon Trail

SG | My appreciation of bourbon has gone through several evolutions over the years. Mellowed and aged, if you will. In college, I had a penchant for what is the gateway cocktail for many burgeoning bourbon lovers: Jim Beam and Coke. In a mason jar. My roommates and I developed a “set it and forget... Continue Reading →

Country Service Station

SG | You don’t go for the gas,offered from two pumpsbleached by decades of sunthe handles thick with grease,the corroded metal lever that makes the gas comea mystery. You’re unsure if it would even shut off automatically,or if gasoline would spill outwhile you’re inside,stammering an archaic-feeling“Fill-up on 2, please,”as the gas pools along the roadsideand the... Continue Reading →

Southern Summer Haiku

SG | Several times over the course of a Tuesday, my family and I passed a plump, iridescent cicada laying belly up in the driveway right in the path between the garage and the car. Late in the day, on my last trip outside, I happened to pause and study the poor little guy, as... Continue Reading →

Out of Many, One

SG | In my grandparents' boathouse on Lake Jordan, northwest of Wetumpka, Alabama, there was a three-foot long span of one-inch metal pipe leaned up near the doorway. You could find it there year-round, except for one day when it was called into service: the Fourth of July. On that day each year, it would... Continue Reading →

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