About the Authors

We grew up in the South, and we love it. We have many opinions about the things we love about it.

Southern culture is enjoying a resurgence of mainstream appreciation, with new publications, websites and products cropping up that celebrate the parts of the South that make us all proud. With this, however, comes the potential for the South to be romanticized or painted in a manner too precious, reinforcing stereotypes or ignoring truths to the detriment of Southerners as a whole.

Our goal is to contribute to the narrative and share our perspectives on Southern culture in an honest, genuine way. We are experts only in that this is where we’re from.

Topics are addressed in shamelessly random order — a tendency passed down from our grandfather, Jimmy Rouse, who discovered the one word that allows for a seamless change of subject matter regardless of any remote association: “Incidentally.”


About Craig
I’m an Atlanta dad who makes art for money and music for fun. I was raised in Montgomery, Alabama, and I spent time at several colleges around the state before heading to D.C. to play in punk bands and make Xerox copies for people. Two years above the sweet tea line (and too far away from family) led me back South to a graphic design/journalism degree at the University of Alabama and jobs at newspapers, design agencies, tech startups, and so on. I’m constantly going back and forth about whether or not I’m for or against the Oxford comma. Check out some of my work at my portfolio site and get in touch if you’d like to work on a design project together – I’m always looking to do good work.

About Scott
I grew up in Montgomery, Alabama, lucky enough to have Craig to look up to as an older brother, and parents who supported our random interests and hobbies to the fullest. I studied communications at Auburn University before moving west — too far west — to Colorado. Three years later, I headed back in the right direction (to Virginia) with a fiancée and journalism degree to show for the trip. Kelly and I currently live in Wake Forest, North Carolina, with our three children. We really like it here. (And for the record, I am warming to the Oxford comma, but use it only when necessary.) If you’re interested in some fiction, I’m the author of Hard Road South from Blue Ink Press (cover design by Craig).

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