‘Don’t Let It Get Away’

SG | The other day, my brother, Craig, reached out to our mom and me about a sweater. “Do we still have dad’s letter sweater from Bishop Flaget?” He remembered the name of our dad’s high school in Chillicothe, Ohio, knowledge I had never previously possessed. Craig had worn the sought-after sweater on “’50s Day”... Continue Reading →

Another Stop Along the Bourbon Trail

SG | My appreciation of bourbon has gone through several evolutions over the years. Mellowed and aged, if you will. In college, I had a penchant for what is the gateway cocktail for many burgeoning bourbon lovers: Jim Beam and Coke. In a mason jar. My roommates and I developed a “set it and forget... Continue Reading →

Country Service Station

SG | You don’t go for the gas,offered from two pumpsbleached by decades of sunthe handles thick with grease,the corroded metal lever that makes the gas comea mystery. You’re unsure if it would even shut off automatically,or if gasoline would spill outwhile you’re inside,stammering an archaic-feeling“Fill-up on 2, please,”as the gas pools along the roadsideand the... Continue Reading →

A Box Made of Wood

CG | When I was a kid in the early 80s, Pop and I used to walk the property at his fish cabin on Lake Jordan, checking the bluebird boxes.  If I’d unwisely chosen to go barefoot on one of our forays, I’d find myself anxiously threading my way between pine cones, fire ant hills,... Continue Reading →

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