This is Not an Alabama Beach

SG | One of the most endearing things about Alabamians is their perception of what a beach should be. Only because, for those lucky enough to have been sheltered from the rest of our nation's beaches, they think that’s just what a beach is. Vast stretches of powder-white sand so fine it squeaks when you... Continue Reading →

Pecan Tree Obligations

SG| I am fully aware of some habits and traits that are no doubt annoying to my family. I’m good with the toilet seat, and I always put the cap back on the toothpaste tube, but get me in the car and things get iffy. If we cross a state line, there will be honking.... Continue Reading →

A Can of Boiled Peanuts

SG | During my last Walmart trip, I found myself staring at a can of boiled peanuts perched on a top shelf in the grocery store-within-a-store. The question was not should I buy these peanuts, but whether to buy the regular or the “Hot & Spicy” variety. I chose the latter, imagining myself cracking the... Continue Reading →

South of the Straw Line

SG | This weekend I spent a solid hour throwing pine straw on the ground. Why wasn’t it on the ground to begin with? you may ask. Well, it was, far away along the sun-dappled rows of some tree farm. Then it was raked and baled, shipped to the hardware store, and delivered to my... Continue Reading →

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